Côté Potager

Horaires de fin d’année:

Vendredi 18.12.20         09h00 – 12h30

Nocturnes                          14h00 20h00

Samedi 19.12.2020       09h00 – 17h00 non-stop

Mardi 22.12.2020          09h00 – 18h30 non-stop

Mercredi 23.12.2020   09h00 – 20h00 non-stop

Nocturnes                           NON-STOP

Jeudi 24.12.2020            09h00 – 17h00 non-stop


Fermeture saisonnière :

Du 25.12.2020 au 01.02.2020 inclus!

Réouverture mardi 2 février 2021


In the heart of the old town of Vevey Côté Potager offers fruit, vegetables and other local produce of first quality. Our motto / slogan:

All produce is – whether fresh or preserved in liquid or solid form –

  • purchased directly from our producers in Vaud, Fribourg and Valais, partly from our own land
  • of the season
  • at exactly the price of the Tuesday and Saturday markets
  • carefully selected
  • from ‘reasonable’ farming limiting the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

We also recommend our baskets for anniversaries, seasons greetings and special events and gatherings.

Côté Potager stands for respect towards our customers, care for their food, counseling and  rigour towards our producers to ensure healthy and joyful meals for you. The medieval context of the store with big cool cellars give the Côté Potager another dimension that helps bring visitors back to the basics of life: good food, preferably raw and crunchy.

Open since 2008, Côté Potager has enjoyed considerable success and now has nearly 100 faithful and reliable producers. The concept of bringing the city center all the richness and diversity of the soil was able to convince more than 1,000 regular customers including famous restaurants

Welcome !